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The Need for Real Healthcare…

Despite our financial wealth, despite the fact that billions of dollars are spent annually on treatments and medications, the U.S. remains the sickest country in the world.  The top 2 killers in the U.S., cancer and heart disease continue to increase despite mainstream medicine’s attempts at treatment.  The 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. is from the use of prescription medications.  The irony is – we treat cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, etc… with medication.  The current medical paradigm is broken.  The overwhelming majority of doctors spend minimal time with patients.  Their training is not in ascertaining the origin of disease, but rather in the resolution of symptoms through the artificial manipulation of body chemistry with the use of drugs.  That is not to say that all medicine and all doctors are mal-intentioned, but it is to point out a fundamental flaw in the logic of the “pill for every ill” mentality.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a medical approach that focuses on identifying the causes of disease rather than treating the symptoms.  It seeks to understand the origins of chronic disease so that meaningful treatment and prevention methods can be developed and implemented.  The functional medicine approach is a partnership between the patient and the doctor.  The goal of this partnership is to bring the patient back to health as well as to teach the patient about the core principles of health maintenance and prevention.  The video below explains the functional medicine treatment model…

Functional Medicine Philosophy –

The philosophy recognizes that each patient is a unique individual with a unique set of genetics and biochemistry, as well as a unique set of environmental and lifestyle factors.  These genetic/environment interactions are complex not simple.  Thus a person could potentially have the same disease with a completely different set of causes.  To that end, the approach of functional medicine relies less on synthetic drugs and more on the thorough investigation of a patient using the following tools:

  • Comprehensive medical history
  • Evaluation of the patient’s lifestyle and environmental factors.
  • Functional outcomes based laboratory workup vs. static labs based on standard deviation bell curves of an assumed normal range.
  • Comprehensive physical evaluation
  • Education based approach so that ultimately the patient is less dependent on the doctor to maintain their health.

Our Mission…

Our mission is to help train physicians in the art and science of functional medicine.  Once trained, we seek to align these doctors with patients who are in need.  A single doctor is capable of touching and helping the lives of thousands, a group of doctors is capable of planting the seed of change that health care so desperately needs and shifting the tide of thought.  It is my mission to bring this vital change to the world.

To your health,
Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Osborne is also the founder of the Gluten Free Society. Learn More by visiting